Winnings and Points

Show winnings and points are divided up based on how many horses are entered in a show. Winnings and points are divided up based on placement. Points are earned through shows and go toward your horses over all points. Once your horse reached enough points they will level up.

1st: 25% of purse and 50 points

2nd: 15% of purse and 40 points

3rd: 10% of purse and 30 points

4th: 8% of purse and 20 points

5th: 7% of purse and 15 points

6th: 5% of purse and 10 points

7th: 4% of purse and 10 points

8th-10th: 3% of purse and 10 points

11th-15th: 2% of purse and 5 points

16th-20th: 2% of purse and 3 points

21st- 30th: 0% of purse and 2 points

30th and below: 0% of purse and 1 point

Placing 1st in a show that had a purse of $5,000 will result in a winnings of $1,250.

Lifetime Earnings and Results

To check lifetime show earnings, winnings, and placements click the "Showing" tab on your horses page. Here you can see how well your horse has performed in shows and how much they earned in each show.

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