About Training

Training is one of the most important aspects of Eqcetera. Training your horse increases their performance stats which benefits them in showing. Each week horses are limited to training 5 times in their selected disciplines. A new training week begins every Sunday. Horses also pass down some of their training during breeding to their offspring! The higher your horses level (based on points gained in shows) you get a training boost and breeding boost!

Training is located at the top of your horses page.


Training Performance Stats (PS)

In order to train your horse they must have their discipline set and be boarded at a stable. If they are boarded at a stable that offers training in your horses disciplines then you can train your horse.

Basic Players

As a basic player you are able to board at your own stable. If you are unupgraded and board at your stable you don't have access to buy the needed facilities to train. You can do so at an upgraded players training facilities on the community training page.

Upgraded Players

Upgraded players are able to buy training facilities and offer their facility services to basic players who do not have training facilities. players are able to set the price of training offered.

Community Training

Community training is offered by upgraded players who have set a training fee. Available centers can be viewed from the community training page on the world page. Players active within the last hour will have their facilities show up on the training page. Each training facility they have will also show up on this page. 

Community Training

Mass Training

Players are able to buy the ability to mass train their their horses for credits by buying the training manual for 25 credits. On the training center page players are able to select the number of time each horse should be trained in their primary or secondary discipline. The default on this page is to train 5 times in their primary discipline.

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