What are Reputation Points?

Reputation Points (RP) are gained through horse performance at your stable. Currently RP is gained +1 for horses placing 1st-3rd in shows. 



To get to this page, you will need to clicking on the RP points either at the top or the side if mobile. These are a great way to earn some cash and EXP.

Objectives are goals generated by the game that ask you to submit a horse based on certain criteria. Some objectives require that you reach a certain number of RP, and each objective has rewards that will be given to you after a horse is submitted.

After you click on Claim, you have to go to "Claimed" and then click on the title, it should be a light blue. Go and get the horse that meets the requirements, copy and paste their link into the field asking for it, and then click the button to submit it. The system will check to see if the horse fits and you get the reward immediately for completing it.

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