About Performance Stats (PS)

Performance stats are located on your horses page below its image. Each horse has its own unique performance stats that can be raised through training. Performance stats determine how well your horse does in shows against other horses. The higher the performance stats the better your horse will show. The higher your horses level (based on points gained in shows) you get a training boost and breeding boost!

Training Boost

Higher-level horses will have offspring with a training boost which increases the potential points earned during weekly training. Training boost is calculated by: Parents average level (must be over level 5)/5. Values are rounded down. A level 10 and level 20 pair would make ((10+20)/2)/5=3

Breeding Performance Stats (PS)

When breeding, parent performance stats will be averaged and passed on to their offspring with a small + or - average chance. 

Training Performance Stats (PS)

Training your horse will increase its performance stats in the disciplines you have chosen. To learn more about training PS visit the training page.

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