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Available Colors

The Mustang breed contains every coat color as well as diverse patterns due to its mixed heritage. Their genes include the following:

  • E/e, extension
  • A/a, agouti
  • A+, wild bay
  • At, brown bay & seal bay
  • G/g, grey
  • F/f, flaxen
  • So/so, sooty
  • Cr/cr, cream
  • Prl/prl, pearl
  • Ch/ch, champagne
  • Z/z, silver
  • D/d, dun
  • Rn/rn, roan
  • Rb/rb, rabicano
  • Fr/fr, frame overo
  • To/to, tobiano
  • Sa1, sabino
  • Lp/lp, leopard complex
  • Patn1/patn1, pattern one
  • Patn2/patn2, pattern two
  • W(#), dominant white
  • Sw(#), splash white
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