About Genetics

Eqcetera works to provide the most up-to-date genetics for every breed. Genetics are kept as realistic and to studbook standards as possible. For a full list of genes per breed check out our All Breed Genetics spreadsheet. This spreadsheet provides all base colors and modifiers for learning as well as a sheet per breed in-game. Bases (Bays, Chestnuts, and Black) are on the left side of the sheet while modifiers are up top. All color names are listed for gene combos based on the base and modifier. The "Gene Combos" tab in the sheets shows all of the combinations and their names for current in-game names of combinations. Some genes just add the gene name into the color name, ex. Bay+Dun(D)+Sabino (Sa1)= Bay Dun Sabino, where was Black+Dun(D)+Sabino= Grullo Sabino. 

In-Game Genes

Below are helpful guides for each gene in-game. Guides will be added once complete. A complete list of colors per breed can be found in the Eqcetera All Gene Spreadsheet.

Base Genes (E and A)

Base genes control what base color your horse will be. These are: Bays, Chestnuts, and Black. The agouti gene (A) has variations that cause variations in chestnut and bay horses such as: wild bay, red chestnut, and seal bay.

Quick base color guide:

Black: Ee/EE aa

Chestnuts: ee Aa/AA

Bays: Ee/EE Aa/AA

Cream and Pearl Genes (Cr and prl)

Cream and Pearl genes will lighten horse coats and create colors such as: cremello, palomino, and pearl. The pearl gene will only display if prlprl or Crprl. prln means the horse carries pearl but will not display as pearl. 

Dun and Champagne Genes (D and Ch)

The dun gene adds zebra-like markings to legs and a dark line down the back. Champagne lightens the body and creates beautiful colors such as amber champagne and golden champagne.

Flaxen and Silver Genes (f and Z)

Flaxen and silver are two genes that display depending on the base coat. Flaxen is recessive and will only show on chestnut base horses with ff. Horses with a FF do not have flaxen. Ff means the horse carries flaxen. Silver only displays on black and bay horses.

Sooty and Pangare (So and Pa)

Sooty darkens the top and rear of horses. Sooty is hard to see on black horses since sooty adds dark and black hair to the coat. In-game, sooty will still layer on to black base horses. Pangare only shows on bay and chestnut base horses.

Splash White and Rabicano (SW and Rb)

Splash white and rabicano are two white markings. Both display on any color of horse. 


Greying occurs in Eqcetera and has various images. Foals have a greying layer that shows around the muzzle and eyes. Horses will have a greying out layer at 2 years old. 

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