Welcome to Eqcetera

Welcome To Eqcetera!

Eqcetera is a friendly horse SIM that tries to stay true to real life but also has a bit of fun splashed in! Our active community is welcoming and helpful for all new

players and admins are on daily to chat and receive your feedback.Eqceteras development is a community undertaking and has helped shape it into something all players can enjoy.


So what makes Eqcetera so great?

  • An active community of players.
  • Constant updates and news posts from staff.
  • Diverse true to life genetics being updated with research discoveries.
  • Show system that pays out based on entrants.
  • Training designed to horses selected disciplines.
  • Many crossbreeds and more to be discovered!
  • Breeds designed to reflect real-life breed standards.
  • Beautiful horse art with many different image variations per marking.
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