Eqc has 4 currencies. Three are earned in-game and one is bought with real life money. Clicking each currency amount takes you to several pages.


The Currencies

     Eqcetera Dollars (EQD)
are used throughout the game and can be earned many different ways. EQD are used for buying horses, gene testing, rescuing horses, breeding to a stud and the list goes on! By clicking your EQD amount you will be taken to the bank. Here you can view your transaction log, send money, and deposit or withdraw EQD.

     Eqcetera Credits (EQC)
can be bought for $0.50 per credit. Credits can be used at the credit shop to buy special in-game items such as custom horse tokens! By clicking you EQC amount you will be taken to the credit store. Here you can buy special in-game perks such as a brand rest, custom horse tokens, or an association key!

     Experience (EXP)
is gained through breeding, showing and training. Experience is used at the construction shop to buy stable upgrades! By clicking your EXP value you will be taken to the EXP total page. Here you can see the areas in which you have gained your EXP over time. You current available EXP balance is the value shown above to top navigation in blue.

     Reputation Points (RP) are used to unlock many different objectives that once completed, can earn you credits, EXP, or EQD. By clicking your RP value you will be taken to the objectives page where you can claim or complete objectives! RP is earned when your horses place 1st through 3rd in shows. 
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