It has always been possible to breed any breed together and get a crossbreed. All crosses have breed standards. 

As a breakdown, there are 3 ways to breed:

  • Pure x Pure - There is a set BS for all purebreds in the game. The closer a foal is to the perfect number, the higher the rating is. A pure x pure breeding with the same breeds will result in a pure while those of different breeds will result in either a registered or unregistered cross.
  • Reg Cross x Reg Cross OR Reg Cross x Pure - If the registered crosses are the same, the foal will be a registered cross. If the registered cross is bred back to a parent breed, the result will be the registered cross. If neither of these conditions are met, the foal will be an unregistered cross. Note: Registered crosses have their own BS and are not a direct average of the two parent breeds.
  • Unregistered Cross x Anything else - This foal will always be an unregistered cross. Breed percentages are calculated on parentage. You could, in theory, have 10+ breeds in the same foal, with lower percentages of each breed. 

So you may ask… how is BS for these unregistered crosses calculated? That’s where these percentages of breeds in the foal become important. The BS will be a straight calculation of the weighted average of each BS stat. 

Ex: You breed together a Friesdale with a Clydesdale x APH cross. The resulting foal will have 25% Friesian, 50% Clydesdale, and 25% APH. Say, for example, those breeds had the following Topline stats: Friesian - 34, Clydesdale - 56, and APH - 77. You can then use the following formula to determine the perfect stats:

(34 * 0.25) + (56 * 0.50) + (77 * 0.25) = 8.5 + 28 + 19.25 = 55.75 => 55

Breeding in Color

Breeding in color has been added for the first time with the Australian Brumby. Breeding a Brumby to any breed will result in a Half Brumby. Half Brumbies can be bred back to Brumbies to create a pure Brumby. With this, colors can be bred into Brumbies. Current colors available for foundation Brumbies are bays, chestnuts, black, cream variations, dun, pangare, and sabino. All other colors can be bred into Brumby lines via Half Brumby x  Brumby crosses.

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