About Credits

Looking to get more out of Eqcetera? Upgrade your account with credits! Credits, purchasable at $0.50 USD/credit, allow you to purchase an overall upgrade, as well as other in-game perks and benefits. Upgrading your account for 1 month (30 days), 6 months (180 days) or for 1 year (360 days) allows you to experience more of EqC.

Upgrade Benefits

Upgrading gives you many benefits in game!

Ability to buy upgrade only estate items from the construction shop.

Host 6 shows instead of 3.

Access boarding and training at your stable.

Offer training to other players.

Offer boarding to other players.

Horses can enter 10 shows instead of 5.

What to Buy....

The credit store has several items you can buy such as specific breed tokens for 10 credits or the following:

There are also breed coins and magic horse tokens to buy for 10 credits each to create a custom horse. Custom horses have a better BS than foundations and you can pick their genetics and PS. Genetics for customs each have point values with a total of 10 points to allocate per coin. Every point over 10 points costs 1 credit. You can play with the custom generator for free in the lab!
Shetland Coin
Andalusian Coin
Appaloosa Coin
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