About Breeding

Breeding is an important part of Eqcetera gameplay. Two parents can be bred to produce offspring starting at the age of 2 years old. The goal of breeding is to improve your horses Breed Standard (BS) and Perforamce Stats (PS).  


How to Breed

Both your mare and stallion must be boarded and fed to breed. If they are fed and boarded you can go to your Breeding Grounds on your stable page or at the top of one of their pages breed them.

Studding Your Stallion

To put your stallion up for stud go to his "Edit" tab. Here you will see the "Stud Your Horse" subheading. To stud select the amount to put your stud up for and how many times you would like him to breed then click "Edit Horse".



Stallions are able to be put up for stud. Each stud has a different stud fee which is determined by his owner. To breed to a stud you must visit his page and click the "Breed" button at the top of his page. Here you will see a drop-down for all of your available mares. Once selected click "Breed". 


Geldings and Spayed Mares

Both geldings and sterile mares get a small show boost of 3 to 10 points added to their competition formula. They can be gelded and spayed from the Vet building on the world page for a fee.

Body Types 

Purebreds and crossbreed all have an assigned body type that will help determine the foal and generic crossbreed art. This list follows the general generic cross-art rules posted below but, some exceptions are made. Ex. Pony of the Americas will be a Pony, not light base foal.

American Paint Stock
Andalusian Stock
Appaloosa Stock
Arabian Light
Brumby Pony
Clydesdale Draft
Friesian Light Draft
Half Brumby Pony
Irish Draught Draft
Marwari Light
Mustang Stock
Quarter Horse Stock
Shetland Pony
TB Light

Cross Body Types

Warlander Stock
Iberian Warmblood Light
Anglo Arabian Light
American Warmblood Light Draft
Appendix QH Light
Quarter Paint Stock
Hispano Arabe Light
Azteca & American Azteca Stock
Araloosa Light
Pony of the Americas Pony
Quarab Light
Abstang Light
Friesdale Draft
Irish Sport Horse Light Draft

Generic Crossbreed foal art is determined by the rules below.

There is a hierarchy for determining what art your horse will have.' 'Body type category is decided by the average type (Light x Light Draft = Stock because it is the middle size.) If they are beside each other or two body types are between them, the "lighter" of the two will be chosen (Light x Stock=Light and Stock x Light Draft=Stock). The only exceptions are is Draft x Light= Light Draft, Draft x Light Draft=Draft and Draft x Pony= Draft.

Light x Light Light
Draft x Draft Draft
Stock x Stock Stock
Light Draft x Light Draft Light Draft
Pony x Pony Pony
Light x Draft Light Draft
Light x Stock Light
Light x Light Draft Stock
Light x Pony Pony
Draft x Stock Light Draft
Draft x Light Draft Draft
Draft x Pony Draft
Stock x Light Draft Stock
Stock x Pony Light
Light Draft x Pony Light
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