About Boarding

Each of your horses must be boarded at a boarding stable and fed in order to train, show and breed.

How to Board

Boarding at Home

Boarding is located under the "manage" tab in the top right of the horse page. You may board at home without selecting a discipline for your horse. Horses boarded at home may also eat and water nightly if appropriate upgrades are bought from construction.

Boarding Away

To show open boarding centers a discipline must be selected for your horse. Once you've selected a boarding center you may choose one of the following:

DIY Livery: This means you are paying for the boarding service only. You will still have to care for your horses just as if they were at home.

Part Livery: This means that the boarding center takes care of feeding and watering for you.

Full Livery: This means that the boarding center takes care of feeding, watering, and grooming for you.

Price per day is shown for each boarding center from left to right: DIY, Part, Full.

Benefits of Boarding


Boarding centers with training facilities have the ability to offer training services. Training is also available at the community training page.

Showing and Breeding

Being boarded at a stable allows horses to enter shows. Unboarded horses can not train,show or breed.

Boarding as an Unupgraded Player

Unupgraded players are able to board at their own barns. As an unupgraded player, you are able to buy limited barns but your horses will not be able to be trained at your own stable. However, you can pay to train at upgraded players stables.

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