The Arabian breed is believed to originate from several possible areas such as Syria, Turkey, and the Fertile Crescent but history of domestication is historically unknown. Arabians have been selectively bred for thousands of years and were originally bred for long treks and as war mounts which resulted in the breed having high endurance and lung capacity. Around the world the breed has been valued as a prized possession due to their intelligence, beauty, and athleticism. The most striking features of the breed are their dished faces, high tail carriage, and long thin necks. The breed excels in many disciplines in both Western and English events.

Notable Horses

Arabians are credited with helping create some other famous breed such as the Thoroughbred. The Darley Arabian and Godolphin Arabian were two Arabians used to found the Thoroughbred breed. Arabians also make history due to Marengo, the Arabian stallion ridden by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Real Life Example



Game Image

Tuscan Patriot owned by player 'Roze'

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